Get support specifically for your crucial work

Your collaborative can use a Fellow to advance an initiative you have always wanted to tackle, research similar work around the field, keep meeting planning and tasks organized, or arrange a speaker series.

Fellows will support your collaborative’s work to help you better serve your clients and communities.

A Fellow could help you if you represent:

  • A group of two or more mission-driven organizations that are working on a shared project
  • A formal network of member organizations brainstorming ways to align your work, but lack a person to make projects happen
  • A loosely affiliated group of organizations that has a short-term project with a defined scope

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How Foothold Foundation Supports Collaboratives

Using our CLIMB framework (Coordinate, Launch, Iterate, Measure, Build), Foothold trains Fellows to carry out administrative and operational support to increase collaboratives’ productivity, in turn enhancing the member organizations’ work.

Fellows are employed by Foothold Foundation full-time and are available to work for collaboratives or joint projects for 15 hours per week or 30 hours per week depending on the collaborative’s needs at a greatly subsidized rate. Collaboratives can apply for a grant of a Fellow

Connect with other Collaboratives

Looking to enhance your collaborative facilitation skills? Searching for savvy techniques in leading groups from other collaborative conveners? Contact us to participate in the San Diego Collaborative Network.

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Are You a Collaborative or Joint Project Seeking Support?

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