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Foothold Fellows are doers, multi-taskers, team-players, creatives and activators. They transform your collaborative’s to-do list and “what-ifs” into achievements and next steps. We are always accepting applications for Fellows – please submit an application. If we have an available Fellowship opportunity, we will notify you if we want to meet you.

Meet our current Fellows!


  • fill the gap in support for collaboratives with short-term, leveraging support,
  • help collaboratives operate, execute and experiment,
  • complete practical projects, research, development and administrative support,
  • produce overviews of select community-wide issues,
  • outline the current entities working on these problems,
  • understand the social sector with applied learning, mentorship and Foothold’s curriculum,
  • and become new experts in these areas poised for collaborative leadership.

Fellows benefit from a cohort of peers, professional development, mentorship and a growing network of connections in San Diego’s social sector.

Every day of the Fellowship is different. The program emphasizes innovation, relationship-building and a commitment to San Diego’s social sector. Fellows’ assignments will be to provide contracted support as granted capacity to one or more selected projects and tackle small scale, short-term projects and take collaboratives to the next step.

Fellows will work approximately 15-20 hours per week for a one year commitment. The first cohort of Fellows started in March 2016. Submit an application for our files!

To work with a Fellow, please email Jessica Kort.

Become A Fellow

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A Fellow could help you if you represent:

  • A group of two or more mission-driven organizations that are working on a shared project

  • A formal network of member organizations brainstorming ways to align your work, but lack a person to make projects happen

  • A loosely affiliated group of organizations that has a short-term project with a defined scope

Learning and Experience

20% Peer- and expert-led learning
80% Direct experiential work

The cohort framework adds many layers to Fellows’ experiences. Beyond their assignments with multiple collaboratives throughout their fellowship year, Fellows will expand their skills in expert- and peer-led learning sessions. They will create and follow individual career development plans.

Fellows’ Giving Circle

Learn More
Evaluation techniques
Goal setting
Cultural competence
Collaborative frameworks
Group dynamics & effective communication
Project management
Effective philanthropy

Mentor Program

Fellows give a leg up to collaboratives, and they need guides along the way.

Local leaders can provide invaluable advice to our Fellows. If you are committed to advancing San Diego’s social sector organizations and professionals, contact us today to learn about mentorship opportunities.

Mentors will:

  • serve as guides and sounding boards
  • offer problem-specific exploration, suggested tactics and solutions
  • gain exposure to the collaborative network, take part in advancing San Diego collaboration
  • participate in Foothold Giving Circles to fund collaborative work.

Interested in the trek? Contact us.

Giving Circle

The Fellowship will include a Giving Circle that will grant funds to collaborative efforts. More information coming soon.