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For collaboratives, time, infrastructure and funding are scarce.


We develop collaborative leaders and support staff.


Foothold Fellows will propel collaboration to transform San Diego.

In order to take our community higher and make the greatest change, it is essential for social impact organizations to work together, whether it’s through one-time partnerships or ongoing collaborations. The Foothold Foundation provides direct support for the important work that happens between organizations.

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Foothold Fellows

Janice L Reynoso
Fellow, Communities of Excellence 2026 and Live Well San Diego
Cristian King
Fellow, San Diego Impact Investors

About Janice

As a Foothold Fellow, Janice is advancing health initiatives and access to resources that promote greater health in South San Diego. Janice is an active community leader in community gardening and health advocacy. She has volunteered most of her life to promote active healthy living, education, holistic choices and celebration of arts and culture. In addition to the Fellowship, she directs the YALLA Academy Scholar-Athlete Tutoring Program for refugee child survivors of war and immigrant youth, and teaches children and families how to garden. Janice is also a certified yoga instructor. Her passions include youth leadership, dancing, music, nature, and painting with her daughters.

Email: janice@footholdfound.org

About Cristian

Cristian will be working with a diverse collaborative of cross sector leaders to build the regional market for impact investing. In addition to being a Fellow, Cristian is the Program Administrator for the Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership. An AmeriCops alumnus, Cristian is a passionate believer in the power of the social sector and collaborative work. Cristian holds a Bachelors in English Literature from San Francisco State University, and can often be found on weekends completely absorbed by a novel in various coffee shops around the city.

Email: cristian@footholdfound.org

Foothold Foundation Staff

Jessica Kort
Managing Director

Email: jessica@footholdfound.org

Foothold Foundation Board

David Lynn
Board Member
Lauren Grattan
Board Member
Shana Hazan
Board Member
Jess Yuen
Board Member
Keryna Johnson

About Keryna

Keryna will work with community practitioners and stakeholders in food system and hunger work and coordinate Food Funders’ meetings. In addition to her role as a 2016 Fellow, Keryna serves as a Senior Associate with LeSar Development Consultants. Keryna previously held positions with the County of San Diego, the City of San Diego Planning Department, and various local nonprofits. Keryna is a native of San Diego and is passionate about building impactful collaborative change. She holds a Masters Degree in City Planning and a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from San Diego State University.

Email: keryna@footholdfound.org

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